The Oark Burger Company is bringing the Oark General Store’s famous burgers and homemade pies to Clarksville and Ozark AR!


Why Visit The Oark Burger Company

If you find yourself in Arkansas, regardless of the city or town you’re in, make sure you pay a visit to the Oark Burger Company. We’re going to give you the top reasons to go and then you can head over there as soon as possible.

Hours And Location

The Oark Burger Company is conveniently located in Clarksville, AR, and getting there is very easy. In fact, it’s right at 1100 East Main Street. Furthermore, there is plenty of parking, so it doesn’t matter how busy it gets, you should have no issues finding a place to park. Not only that, but the hours are convenient too, as they open at 7AM Monday through Saturday and 8AM on Sundays. Monday through Thursday the restaurant is open until eight in the evening, while closing at nine on Saturdays and at five on Sundays. Anytime is a good time to pop in the Oark Burger Company, so feel free to go whenever you want.

Excellent Menu Selection

You cannot beat the menu selection, as it is quite diverse and includes a items such as pies, burgers and fries. You can order yourself a breakfast burrito or a ham/egg/cheese croissant if you’re craving something good for breakfast. You can also order chicken or you can order something off the kids menu if you are bringing kids along with you. The bottom line is the restaurant serves delicious food and the menu selection might be small, but it is impressive.

Our Prices

You cannot beat the prices that Oark Burger Company charges, and the prices on their food is more than fair. You can spend a few dollars but get a lot, which is why this place is worth the visit from anywhere. Plus, the food is of high quality and you are guaranteed to have a great breakfast or dinner when you are at the Oark Burger Company. If you’re after affordable food, generous portion sizes and tasty meals, then this is the place to be.

Oark Burger Co has a Great Atmosphere

Besides good food and great prices, the Oark Burger Company has an inviting and laid back atmosphere. The atmosphere is laid back, and you won’t feel rushed. The staff at the restaurant are friendly and they take customer service and satisfaction serious. It is a family-friendly place too, so if you have kids and you’re looking for a good restaurant to take them to, then bring them down to the Oark Burger Company. If you want to enjoy great tasting burgers, fries, pies and more, then look no further than the Oark Burger Company. This restaurant serves great tasting food, has a convenient location and operates during convenient hours. Plus, the prices are good and the atmosphere is impressive. If you want to find out what makes the Oark Burger Company a good place to dine at, then visit it today.

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